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School Leadership Team

The mission of the School Leadership Team of P.S. 306, Ethan Allen is to oversee the development of the school’s Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) and make decisions about the budget that allow the CEP to be implemented. The SLT also supports the school’s education model of a “Supportive Learning Environment” collaborative approach to learning, health and well-being. P.S. 306 is committed to providing our scholars with a comprehensive child-centered curriculum that is sensitive to individual learning needs and styles, as well as celebrated and cultivates individual strengths and interests. Through a standards-based curriculum, we are committed to developing life-long learners. P.S. 306 views all children as viable contributors to society who will grow to appreciate and cherish their own uniqueness as well as that of the world around them and beyond. P.S. 306 believes that it takes all stakeholders: administrators, teachers and parents, working collaboratively to create a school where all our children can flourish and reach their fullest potential. 

School Leadership Team Members

Yasmin Moodie, Principal, I.A and Chairperson

Michelle Surrency, PTA President

Valerie Ottey, UFT Chapter Leader

Tammy Vaughn, DC 37 Representative

Sabrina Knight- Instructional Coach

Eryn Callahan- Instructional Coach

Skylar Jeter- PTA Treasurer

Louise Anderson- PTA Secretary

Arethea Grant- Grade 5 Teacher

Miriam Yisarel - Title I Parent

Michael Robledo- Parent

Latonya Hannah- Parent

Liz Shelton- Parent

Isha Timothy- UFT Delegate

P.S. 306 School Leadership Team
Monthly Meeting & Notes

Meeting Dates 2023-2024 SY

3:00 PM

Nov 14, 2023 

Dec 12, 2023 

Jan 9, 2024 

Feb 9, 2024 

Mar 12, 2024 

Apr 9, 2024 

May 14, 2024

Jun 11, 2024

Meeting Dates-2022-2023 SY

September 2022

October 28, 2022 

Meeting Dates-2021-2022 SY

3:30 pm

September 12th

October 12th

November 16th

December 14th

January 11th

February 8th

March 8th

April 12th

May 10th

June 14th

Meeting Dates -2020-2021 SY


January 26, 2021   


February 1, 2021


March 1, 2021


April 5, 2021


May 3, 2021


June 7, 2021


Time  3:35 PM -5:00 PM

2020-2021 Minutes

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