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306k teachers wearing school shirts.

Yasmin Moodie

I.A. Principal

Ms. Moodie, Principal 306K, wearing a white shirt .
Ms. Moodie's initials written in script.

Meet Our Teachers

Ms. Elliot,school counselor, Ms. Weston, Parent Coordinator and and Ms. Carter , school Secretary.
Mr. Houston , CAMBA School Director, wearing a teal shirt.
Ms. Jamieson, Ms. Abelard, Ms. Chau and Ms. Wiltshire.
Ms. Leonce, Ms. Davis and Ms. Goldstein.
Ms. Faiz
Ms. Palermo, Ms. Blasz, Ms. Longmore Allen and Ms. Pope in their classrooms.
Ms. Ottey, Ms. Timothy, Ms. Healey and Ms. Jackson  in front of classroom door.
Fifth grade teachers , Ms. Grant and Ms. Charles .
Specials teachers, Ms. Cronin, Ms.Jones , Mr. Wright and Ms. McFarlane  standing in school hallway.
Intervention teachers, Ms. Lander, Ms Vaughn and Ms Gonzalwz,
Ms. Nogais, Ms.. Cooper, Ms. Callahan and Ms. Knight smiling in front of class door.
School paras, Ms. Quashie, Ms. Potts and Ms. Garcia standing by their classrooms.
306K's paraprofessionals, Ms Waithe, Ms. Sandiford, Ms. Valle and Ms. Blair.
Fifth grade para, Mr. Morgan.
Ethan Allen's school aids, Ms. Nance, Ms. Joseph and Ms. Barret.
School cafeteria staff members, Mr. Sam, Ms. LaSaine and Ms. Cullen.
School security, Agent Scott and custodian Mr. Vega.
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