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306 student wearing a navy blue backpack.

Daily - 8:20am - 2:40pm 

3K & 4K Breakfast 8:20am - Classroom 

K-5 Breakfast-7:45am - Cafeteria 

Dismissal Procedures

3K & 4K dismissed at classroom door 102,104,106,108

Grade K dismissed at Exit 3 into the small yard

Grades 1 &2 dismissed at Exit 5 into the large yard

Grades 3, 4 &5 dismissed at Exit 3 onto Vermont Street

School Hours


306K school logo with huskie dog and core values.

The Ethan Allen School, P.S. 306

           970 Vermont Street ~ Brooklyn, N.Y. 11207         


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Yasmin Moodie, Principal
Dr. Tamra S. Collins,
Community Superintendent District 19


At P.S. 306, all students have a voice and are provided with the highest quality instruction including social and emotional support to promote their highest academic achievement.



The H.U.S.K.I.E.S. will use their individual and collective voices to have their needs met and support members of their community.



All students will develop critical thinking and comprehension skills through annotation. This will be made visible through discourse, written evidence of student learning and peer to peer feedback.


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